What’s happening now?

As many of you likely know, the COVID related cancellation of all accreditation visits for 2020 postponed our opening. As a result of this, we have closed the application portal temporarily, and are taking advantage of the lessons learned from year’s application cycle improve the portal to make the process smoother.

How do I receive updates on applications, accreditation, and development of the College of Dental Medicine ?

Those interested in applying and receiving updates on the accreditation and development of the College can join our email database. To register to receive these email updates, please use the portal at the bottom of the page at: http://dentalmedicine.cnsu.edu

Will CNU CDM’s application be through AADSAS for 2021?

Because of the delay in the accreditation cycle for CNU College of Dental Medicine this year, the application will not be through AADSAS for the class starting the fall of 2021. The CNU College of Dental Medicine application will be accessible only through the CNU website.

When will the application portal open?

The application portal is currently projected to open August 1, 2020.

How do I sign up for updates and other notifications?

If you have enrolled to receive email updates on the website after June 15th, you are in the 2021 class database and will be informed when the application portal will be open. If you have not yet registered, you can access portal to sign up for updates at: http://dentalmedicine.cnsu.edu

What if my DAT exam has been cancelled and/or difficult to schedule?

This is a common problem for all professional schools this year because of COVID’s impact on the testing organizations. At this point it is anticipated this issue will be resolved. We are including other metrics to evaluate applicants in the assessment process in the event the issues with providing the DAT examination continue to occur.