As a College we exhibit traditional values of scholarly work, a learning community, and academic freedom.  As a College of Dental Medicine, we recognize that oral health care is the practice of medicine and surgery and is integrated into all other aspects of health care.  The degree D.M.D. reflects doctoral level of knowledge and skills and recognizes that oral health care is not surgical care alone but includes the behavioral, social, and medical management aspects of oral diseases.

The integration of oral health into human health requires dentists who are capable of performing at the highest level in an ever more complex and demanding environment of emerging technology, social change, human disease management, and evolving health systems.  The CNUCDM is developing a curriculum with four basic themes into which all didactic and clinical content will be served.   These four themes are:  Human Systems, Odontology, Oral and Maxillofacial Studies, and Behavioral and Social Sciences.  The CNUCDM will develop clinical delivery programs at the highest level on campus and across the region with health system partners that promote preventative health strategies, and value-based care in a health science educational model.  These programs will be integrated to the greatest extent with other health resources within health systems and in the community beyond.


The Vision of the College of Dental Medicine is to provide constructive innovation in its education programs, and leadership in integrating oral health care into human health care systems.

The Mission of the College of Dental Medicine is to advance the art and science of health care through excellence in oral health education, practice, research, service, and social accountability.

Education: Create caring, skilled and knowledgeable clinicians who will constantly advance their capabilities throughout life

Practice: Produce clinical leaders in oral health who will serve in private practice, health systems practice, in interprofessional settings, academia and industry

Research: Promulgate scientific inquiry throughout the curriculum and support student and faculty research that creates an environment of scientific curiosity and an evidence-based foundation for clinical practice.

Service: Provide individual patient care services at all clinical sites under the auspices of CNUCDM that produces the very best oral health outcomes and clinical value.

Social Accountability: Advocate for and help build stronger communities in California and globally through improved oral health care, disease prevention, health promotion and protection from oral diseases through community-based approaches.

College of Dental Medicine Values:

  • Patient-centered didactic and clinical education that always puts improved health outcomes first
  • Foster a humanistic and character-developing environment for dental students
  • Making better communities and a better world through improved oral health
  • Understanding the professional responsibility of the dentist as the head of the oral health care team
  • Practicing health promotion and disease prevention and protection
  • Advancing California Northstate University through excellence in all we do

The College of Dental Medicine Embraces the California Northstate University WECARE Values of:

  • Working as a team
  • Embracing diversity and workplace excellence
  • Caring about our students, our staff, our faculty, and our profession
  • Advancing our university, our goals, and our discipline
  • Responding to challenges that may impede Mission
  • Enhancing communication and partnership